The Final Four Misfit: How Michigan State Did It

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Tomorrow night, March Madness resumes – even though it’s April. Why? Because there’s just too much madness for March alone. And it’s going go get madder. Of the Final Four teams, three are number one seeds. There’s Wisconsin, which won the Big Ten regular season title and conference tournament en route to a sterling 35-3 record. There’s Duke, led by the legendary Coach Mike Krzyzewski. The Blue Devils won the Coaches versus Cancer Classic, the State Farm Champions Classic, and the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. And there’s the Kentucky...

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Izzo, Calipari and Knight: One of these coaches keeps getting caught

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Hello, Loyal Readers: As most of you probably know, I’m working hard to finish my latest book, “Endzone: The Rise, Fall and Return of Michigan Football,” which will be published by St. Martin’s Press on Sept. 1 — if I get it done soon enough!  (You can pre-order it on the front page of my website, if you are so inclined.) As a result, I’m writing fewer weekly commentaries during this final stretch, but I still appear on Cynthia Canty’s Stateside show on Michigan Radio on Thursdays, usually between 3-4...

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Jim Harbaugh is Back in Town – and so is Weapons-Grade Intensity

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[Author's Note: This piece is the longer version of my story that ran in the Wall Street Journal, on line Thursday, and in the paper Friday.]   When Jim Harbaugh was growing up in Ann Arbor, his father Jack, coached the defensive backs for Bo Schembechler at the University of Michigan. When Jack handed his kids their lunches each morning, he’d tell them to “attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind!” It’s fair to say, Jim got...

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My Q&A on “ENDZONE: The Rise, Fall and Return of Michigan Football.”

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NOTE: This week, Brian Cook of MGoBlog asked me a bunch of questions about my upcoming book, “Endzone: The Rise, Fall and Return of Michigan Football,” which is due out September 1.  The publisher posted it on Amazon and B&N on Monday, and it’s been the #1 football book all week.  You can pre-order it on either of those sites, listed below, or my website.  And we’ll be setting up the book tour, to run this fall, coast to coast, very soon, and posting on my website, too. Now, all I have to do is finish...

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Beilein at his best when conditions at their worst

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Under head coach Tom Izzo, the Spartans have been to 17 straight NCAA tournaments, made it to 6 final fours and won it all in 2000 – while graduating 81 percent of his players.  Not too shabby. Thanks partly to the tough schedule Izzo puts together, his teams tend to start slowly and then build up steam as March Madness approaches.  Despite losing Gary Harris and Adreian Payne to the NBA, and Javon Bess to injury — this year’s team seems to be no exception, winning nine of its last 12 Big Ten games.   That’s coaching. But...

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Brady’s Balls, Left Sharks, and the Story We Missed

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Everyone has been calling Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday for so long, it’s almost true.  It’s great because everyone can play, no matter your religion, or even if you don’t like football. So, it’s time to break it all down, Coach Bacon style, starting with the most important element: The ads.  This year broke another record: $4.5 million for a single spot. For that kinda dough, you better not waste a second – but they wasted whole minutes. To celebrate the spirit the Super Bowl represents, the ad makers’ theme this year was...

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The Buckeyes win – and the Big Ten benefits

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The Big Ten entered the bowl season battered from a brutal decade. How bad was it? Michigan’s sworn enemies, Michigan State and Ohio State, had given up hating the Wolverines. What was the point? The Spartans and the Buckeyes could barely remember the last time the Wolverines had the upper hand. They no longer felt animosity toward Michigan, but pity – and frustration that the Wolverines weren’t keeping up their end of the deal. In the previous ten years, Big Ten teams had lost two-thirds of their bowl games. For the third time in seven...

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Lions and Browns and A Lot of Losing – Oh My!

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The Lions have lost to the Cowboys 13 times – so that’s not unusual. There are 31 other teams in the NFL, and 27 of them have winning records against the Lions. That leaves those pesky cats to feed on the likes of the Cleveland Browns, whose only fan in Michigan is our news director, Vince Duffy, from Ohio. When you root for the Lions, it’s nice to know someone out there has it worse than you. Sorry about that, Vince! But Detroit did make the playoffs, and that is unusual. During the past 57 seasons, the Lions have played exactly 12...

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Why Jim Harbaugh defied the experts, and followed his heart back home

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[This blog comes from my feature this week in The Wall Street Journal, linked here:]   The private jet cut through the clouds and eased onto the airstrip at Detroit Metro Airport, just a few miles from where Charles Lindbergh once tested World War II bombers. This plane’s mission wasn’t nearly so serious. But the joy it gave to the people below probably exceeded just about everything since VJ Day. The jet’s cargo happened to be one...

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The End of the Hoke Era – and the Start of a Crucial One

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014 in Uncategorized | 28 comments Brady Hoke grew up in Ohio, graduated from Ball State, and started his coaching career as an assistant at Yorktown High in Indiana. He is a football man, through and through. In 1995, Hoke began an eight-year stint assisting Michigan, a run that included the Wolverines’ first national title since 1948. The coaches and players loved the guy. They kept in touch, while Hoke became a head coach, turning around Ball State and San Diego...

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