Michigan Will Make a Decision – Even If It Doesn’t

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Hello, Loyal Readers, Today I’m providing the short version of my commentary, which appears on Michigan Radio, and the link to the’s Postgame page, where the much longer version will appear some time Friday morning.  (Follow me on Twitter to get the exact link when it pops.) Hope you like it. See you next week! -John     Michigan’s football team travels to Michigan State this weekend to renew their century-old sibling rivalry. It’s a big game for both teams – but for very...

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Michigan Football: From sell-outs to hand outs in just four years

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Hello, Loyal Readers, Today I’m providing the link to my feature story in’s Postgame page, where many of my longer stories have appeared. This one is about Michigan athletics.  To wit: This week, the Michigan football program suffered a national embarrassment when a Michigan Daily reporter tweeted Coca-Cola’s offer of two free tickets to this weekend’s game to anyone who bought two bottles of pop. How did this once-proud program sink so low, so fast? Amazingly, almost all Michigan’s wounds have...

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The Big Ten’s Blues

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In 1895, the presidents of seven Midwestern universities met at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago to form what we now call the Big Ten. They created the world’s first school-based sports organization, predating even the NCAA. Soon the rest of the country’s colleges and high schools followed suit, forming their own leagues based on the Big Ten model. This included the Michigan High School Athletic Association, also the first of its kind, which borrowed the Big Ten’s charter as its own the next year, in 1896. The Big Ten’s creation...

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The End of a Great Rivalry

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  The rivalry between Michigan and Notre Dame goes back to 1887, when a band of brothers from Michigan took a train to South Bend and literally taught those boys how to play the game. Afterward, Notre Dame served the Wolverines a nice, hot meal.  Then the Notre Dame president, Reverend Thomas Walsh, told the Wolverines a “cordial reception would always await them at Notre Dame.” That day started the longest running rivalry among major college powers – and one of the most popular.  It inspired Notre Dame’s famous fight...

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What Michigan Really Lost Against Appalachian State – and What They Need to Reclaim

Posted by on Aug 29, 2014 in Uncategorized | 12 comments What’s all the fuss about Appalachian State? The Michigan Wolverines open their football season tomorrow the way they usually do these days, by playing a team they should easily beat. But that’s what they thought the last time they played Appalachian State. It goes back to 2007, the year the NCAA allowed schools to add a twelfth regular season game, for no reason but revenue. Yes, another shameless money grab on the backs, knees, and skulls of amateur...

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Fireworks at Michigan — on and off the field

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  To listen to the audio version, click below. The University of Michigan’s athletic director sent a proposal to the University’s Regents, requesting permission to set off fireworks during two football games this fall. At first blush, the question of post-game fireworks didn’t seem like a very big deal either way. On Michigan fan blogs, reactions were mixed. As for the University’s Regents, they have bigger things to worry about than fireworks. Even...

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Revised Coach Mac eulogy runs on Yahoo; UM Regents vote against stadium fireworks

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Hello, Loyal Readers! It’s been a busy week at Bacon Blog headquarters — which is to say, these days, usually my car, zipping from Ann Arbor to Chicago to Up North and repeat as needed. Yahoo asked me to combine my pieces on Coach Mac from last year and last week, condense and revise, and I did so to create a eulogy for him currently running in the’s page.  Here is the link. Back...

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A Letter From Coach Mac – and a Letter Back, a Little Late

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  [To listen to the audio, which I recommend for this story, just click here: Coach Mac 2014] The summer before Mac McKenzie became our little league baseball coach, I spent the season picking dandelions in right field, and batting last. But just weeks after Coach Mac took over, I rose to starting catcher, lead-off hitter, and team captain. Trust me, I was no bigger, faster or stronger than I was the previous season. But I had one thing I didn’t have the year before: confidence. Instead of playing back on my heels, I was up on my...

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Jeopardizing Your Ego

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Last night, I tried my luck on the NPR game show, “Ask Me Another,” which will run in a few weeks. But it brought back memories – traumatic ones – of my disastrous try out for the Jeopardy game show 24 years ago.  I wrote this in my first year as a writer, as a 25-year old, and sold it to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday magazine, This World.  Hope you enjoy it.   “I’ll take ‘Humility’ for $100.” “He was one of forty-eight people to fail the Jeopardy test on Thursday, June 21,...

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Appearing on NPR game show tonight in Ann Arbor – come join us!

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Dear Loyal Readers, Here are a few Current Events that might be of interest to you. First, I’ll be appearing TONIGHT, Thursday, June 26, on the very funny NPR game show Ask Me Another at the University of Michigan’s Power Center, 8 p.m.  Here’s more info, and how you get pretty cheap tickets: Second, I’ll be on with Ira and Sam on WTKA not on Friday for 20 minutes, as usual, but TODAY, Thursday, for an hour: 9-10.  To discuss the game show, and my recent articles. Last,...

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