Revised Coach Mac eulogy runs on Yahoo; UM Regents vote against stadium fireworks

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Hello, Loyal Readers! It’s been a busy week at Bacon Blog headquarters — which is to say, these days, usually my car, zipping from Ann Arbor to Chicago to Up North and repeat as needed. Yahoo asked me to combine my pieces on Coach Mac from last year and last week, condense and revise, and I did so to create a eulogy for him currently running in the’s page.  Here is the link. Back...

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A Letter From Coach Mac – and a Letter Back, a Little Late

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  [To listen to the audio, which I recommend for this story, just click here: Coach Mac 2014] The summer before Mac McKenzie became our little league baseball coach, I spent the season picking dandelions in right field, and batting last. But just weeks after Coach Mac took over, I rose to starting catcher, lead-off hitter, and team captain. Trust me, I was no bigger, faster or stronger than I was the previous season. But I had one thing I didn’t have the year before: confidence. Instead of playing back on my heels, I was up on my...

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Jeopardizing Your Ego

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Last night, I tried my luck on the NPR game show, “Ask Me Another,” which will run in a few weeks. But it brought back memories – traumatic ones – of my disastrous try out for the Jeopardy game show 24 years ago.  I wrote this in my first year as a writer, as a 25-year old, and sold it to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday magazine, This World.  Hope you enjoy it.   “I’ll take ‘Humility’ for $100.” “He was one of forty-eight people to fail the Jeopardy test on Thursday, June 21,...

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Appearing on NPR game show tonight in Ann Arbor – come join us!

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Dear Loyal Readers, Here are a few Current Events that might be of interest to you. First, I’ll be appearing TONIGHT, Thursday, June 26, on the very funny NPR game show Ask Me Another at the University of Michigan’s Power Center, 8 p.m.  Here’s more info, and how you get pretty cheap tickets: Second, I’ll be on with Ira and Sam on WTKA not on Friday for 20 minutes, as usual, but TODAY, Thursday, for an hour: 9-10.  To discuss the game show, and my recent articles. Last,...

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How to Save the College Football Game Experience – Before It’s Too late

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  [To listen to the shorter, audio version, click here.] Last week, I explained why Michigan students are dropping football tickets in record numbers – about 40-percent in the last two years. It touched a nerve – actually a few hundred thousand nerves. And not just among Michigan fans, but college football fans nationwide, who recognized many of the same flaws at their favorite university that were turning them off, too. It’s all well and good to criticize...

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The real reasons why students — and others — are bailing on Michigan football tickets

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Last week, the Michigan athletic department admitted what many had long suspected: student football ticket sales are down, way down, from about 21,000 in 2012 to a projected 13,000-14,000 this fall. The department has blamed cell phones, high-definition TV, and a sweeping national trend – but those don’t tell the whole story. How’d Michigan lose so many students so fast?  Answer: a lot of hard work. Athletic Director Dave Brandon has often cited the difficulty of using cell phones at Michigan Stadium as “the biggest challenge we...

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What Michael Sam Got Right – and His Handlers Got Wrong

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[To listen to the audio version, click here: Bacon final Michael Sam for web with open 5-23-2014] Last February, University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam publicly declared he was gay – a first for a likely NFL draft pick.  Last week, the St. Louis Rams drafted him in the last round – another first.  But I believe the trickiest terrain is still ahead. When Michael Sam told his University of Missouri teammates he was gay before last season, no one seemed to care very much.  No one tweeted the news to the public, and Sam had a...

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Mitch McGary’s Mistake – and the NCAA’s Failure

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[To listen to the audio version, click here: Bacon Final 5.1.14 McGary for Web] When Mitch McGary played high school basketball in New Hampshire, he was one of the nation’s top recruits.  Michigan fans were rightly thrilled when he decided to play for the Wolverines. In his first NCAA tournament, last spring, McGary played so well folks thought he might jump to the NBA.  Instead, he returned for his sophomore year — then injured his back so badly, he needed surgery mid-season.  The Wolverines weren’t doing much better at 6-4, with...

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Michigan’s Unlikely Marathon Man

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[To listen to the audio version, click here Bacon Final 4.24.14 Greg Meyers for Web] In 1896, the first modern Olympics in Athens staged a marathon. The next year the Boston Athletic Association followed suit.  Just 18 men ran that day, and the winner finished in about three hours – something office workers can beat today. Most people thought they were crazy – if they thought of them at all.  Many people probably still do. Marathoners don’t care. “We are different, in essence, from other men,” said Czechoslovakian star Emil Zatopek...

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The NBA: To Go, or Not To Go — and Why

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[To listen to the audio version, click here: UM hoops to NBA] Nik Stauskas grew up in Mississauga, Ontario – a Toronto suburb better known for its neighborhood hockey games than a Lithuanian kid spending thousands of hours shooting on his parents’ backyard hoop. This year, Stauskas was named Big Ten player of the year.  It worked. Glenn Robinson III took a completely different route to the NBA: His father is Glenn Robinson Jr., also known as “The Big Dog,” and was the first pick in the NBA draft twenty years ago.  If Stauskas had to...

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